Nepal’s aviation safety compliance now at 70.1 percent

KATHMANDU: As far as aviation safety is concerned, Nepal has made strides. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal said at a news conference on Monday that Nepal’s ICAO audit score was 3 percent higher than the global average.

CAAN director general Pradip Adhikari informed that although the global average is 67.2 percent, Nepal received 70.1 percent. CAAN spokesperson Dev Chandra Lal Karna said that the situation in aviation safety in Nepal was improving.

The ICAO has been measuring the level of flight safety surveillance of its 193 member countries. ICAO had earlier conducted a full phase audit in 2013.

From April 13 to 25, the ICAO performed an audit that focused on eight distinct categories.

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Tuesday April 26, 2022, 10:01:47 AM |

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