Construction of four 220 KV substations in the Marshyandi Corridor in full swing

KATHMANDU: Construction of four substations under Marsyangdi Corridor 220 KV transmission line project is in full swing. Under the project, 220 KV substations are being constructed in New Bharatpur of Chitwan, Udipur of Lamjung and Khudi and Dharapani of Manang. Work is underway to complete the construction of new Bharatpur and Udipur substations within three months and bring them into operation.

The construction of Khudi substation is targeted to be completed within a year while construction of Dharapani substation has started. Due to its geographically remote location, construction of Dharapani substation will take some time.

The new Bharatpur and Udipur substations will have 220/132 KV, 320 MVA and 220/132 KV, 160 MVA and 132/ 33 KV, 50 MVA capacity power transformers respectively. The construction of the main civil structure of both the substations has reached the final stage and the equipment is being connected.

The Khudi and Dharapani substations will have power transformers of 220 ÷ 132 KV, 160 MVA and 132 ÷ 33 KV, 50 MVA and 220/132 KV, 100 MVA and 132/33 KV, 30 MVA capacity respectively. The main civil structures of Khudi substation are under construction.

The senior management team led by Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising, has got detailed information about the progress being made in the construction of substation, problems encountered, work completion schedule and other issues through project management, consultants and construction businessmen.

Executive Director Ghising urged to complete the transmission line and substation within the stipulated time as it is important for the power flow of the private sector hydropower project under construction in Marshyangdi Corridor.

He directed the project management to expedite the approval process for the use of forest land and tree felling and to start the construction of the transmission line by resolving the social problems. He mentioned that he is ready to take necessary initiatives and coordination at the upper level for this.

The power lines of the hydropower projects under construction on Dordi river in Lamjung will be connected to Udipur substation through transmission line. As the construction of Udipur substation will take some time, the power supply of Dordi Khola projects will be connected to the switchyard of Madhyamsryandi power house which is currently in operation.

The Ngadi of Lamjung and its tributaries will be connected to the power excavation substations of the hydropower projects under construction.

The Marsyangdi Corridor 220 KV transmission line project has been started for the flow of electricity generated from Marsyangdi and its tributaries to the national transmission system. About 1,600 MW of electricity will be able to flow from the transmission line. The length of double circuit transmission line from Bharatpur of Chitwan to Dharapani of Manang is about 113 kilometers.

The project is being divided into three packages. Under the first package, about 67 kilometers of transmission line is being constructed from Udipur to New Bharatpur substation. New Bharatpur and Udipur substations are under construction under the second package. Under the third package, 46 km transmission line and two substations are being constructed from Khudi to Dharapani.

The estimated cost of the project under construction is around Rs. 16 billion with the investment of Government of Nepal and concessional loan from European Investment Bank (EIB).

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