Nepal proposes Malaysia to increase minimum remuneration of Nepali migrant workers

KATHMANDU: Nepal has proposed to Malaysia to increase the minimum remuneration of Nepali workers in Malaysia.

During the meeting with the Minister for Home Affairs of Malaysia, Hamzah Zainuddin, Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Krishna Kumar Shrestha, who is in Malaysia visit, proposed to increase minimum remuneration, service and facility of Nepali workers including a security guard in Malaysia.

On the occasion, Minister Shrestha asked to make the monthly salary of the Nepali security guard 3,000 Malaysian ringgit.

The two ministers held discussions on various issues including providing more opportunities for employment making Nepali youth skill-oriented by making arrangements for security guard-related training in Nepal, making the zero-cost principle effective and arrangement of health, social security and 24-hour insurance facility, said the Secretary at the Labour Ministry, Ek Narayan Aryal.

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Sunday May 1, 2022, 06:01:10 PM |

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