EC asks political parties to follow code in election expenses

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) has drawn the attention of all the political parties and candidates to abide by the provisions of the existing laws and election code of conduct while spending in their election campaigns.

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, the EC has drawn the attention of the political parties and candidates to comply with the provisions of Election Commission Act, 2017, Election (Offenses and Punishment) Act, 2017 and Election Code of Conduct, 2022 while spending in elections.

Stating that it has received information that some political parties and candidates have been carrying out their electoral campaign violating the provisions on election expenditure, EC has instructed all the offices of the chief returning officer, office of the returning officers, provincial election offices and the district election offices to implement the provisions of laws and poll code.

The EC has enforced the election code of conduct to control extravagant election canvassing.

As per the poll code, the political parties and candidates should open a bank account for the expenditure in the election campaign.

The political parties and candidates are also obliged to designate an officer responsible for campaign expenditure. All candidates should inform the concerned office of the returning officer and election office along with the details of the designated officer.

The code provision also stipulates that the political parties or candidates receiving more than Rs. 25,000 in donation from any person or organisation should receive it through the banking system.

According to the provision, all poll candidates have to keep the details of the expenses and bills and furnish the details of their expenditure to the election office or the EC within the stipulated deadline in the format prescribed by the EC.

The parties and candidates are also obliged to spend in elections within the limit of expenditure sanctioned by the law.

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Wednesday May 4, 2022, 01:20:22 PM |

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