4G internet service subscribers of Nepal Telecom cross 10 million mark

KATHMANDU: The number of customers using 4G service of Nepal Telecom has reached crossed 10 million. As per the details of the month of April, 2022, the customer base of 4G has reached 10.421 million.

During this period, the company’s 3G customer base reached 9.482 million. Overall, the company’s mobile service users are 22.91 million while the remaining 2.187 million customers are 2G technology.

In March this year, the 4G customer base was 9.893 million and the 3G customer base was 9.943 million.

Nepal Telecom has been expanding the 4G/LTE service from Kathmandu and Pokhara for the first time in Nepal since January 2, 2017 and it has upgraded this service to the latest technology since October 2, 2019. In order to use the 4G service, customers must have a suitable mobile phone set as well as a SIM card to run (support) the service and must be in an area where the 4G network is available.

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Monday May 23, 2022, 09:08:23 AM |

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