Stern action will be taken against those involved in illegal mobile business: NTA Chair Khanal

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has decided to take action against those selling illegally imported mobile phones in the market with the help of businessmen.

NTA Chairman Purushottam Khanal said that the authority will moot action if any information was received about the illegal import of mobile phones and its business in the market.

“NTA will create a portal to track the sellers of illegally imported mobile phones in the country. NTA can curb sales of such mobile phones through the help of the private sector,” said Khanal. Khanal informed that implementation of Mobile Device Management System (MDSM) will control entry of mobile phones through illegal channel a lot.

“Implementation of MDSM was delayed due to technical reasons and Covid-19. It will soon be implemented,” he added.

Khanal also informed that traders/businessmen themselves are promoting import of grey market. “If I am provided with details of those involved to such activities, NTA will take immediate action,” added Khanal.

Deepak Malhotra, former president of the Mobile Phone Importers’ Association, said that about 40 percent of illegally imported mobile phones are still used in Nepal.

“Mobile phones have become essential like food and shelter. Thus, it is the responsibility of the government to facilitate mobile phone business and help the sector grow,” said Malhotra.

Similarly, Dinesh Chulyadyo, president of Nepal Mobile Dealers Association, said that the negative perspective of the government towards mobile dealers and traders should be changed. “We are blamed of importing illegally though we are doing legal business. We hope that implementation of the MDMS will foster healthy growth of the Nepali mobile phone market,” he said.


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