14 dead bodies recovered from Tara Air aircraft crash site, being brought to Kathmandu

Crash site Source: Nepali Army

KATHMANDU: Rescuers including Nepali Army and Nepal Police have recovered 14 dead bodies from the Tara Air aircraft crash site in Thasang-2 of Mustang.

Meanwhile, details of casualties is yet to be revealed. However, all on board are suspected to have dies in the fatal crash. The reason behind the crash is yet to be known.

The Tara Air aircraft, which went missing on Sunday morning, was located by the Nepali Army on Monday morning.

Locals who are at the site with Nepali Army officials say that no one is alive. Hotelier and activist Indra Singh Sherchan, who is in the crash site, informed that no one is alive.

The Tara Air aircraft took off at 9:55am from Pokhara on Sunday morning and lost contact with air control about 12 minutes later at 10:07am, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.







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