Urea fertilizer from China stuck at Tatopani customs

KATHMANDU: A total of 50 tonnes of urea fertiliser imported by the traders from China has remained stuck in the warehouse of Tatopani Dry Port Customs Office for the last 20 days.

Chief of the customs office, Narad Gautam, informed that the urea remained dumped there as no one came for customs process.

He said that there is a provision to confiscate the fertiliser as per the customs rules if no one comes for customs clearance for 60 days. Gautam said that the company had already sent the information about the provision to the concerned stakeholders.

“We are ready to send the goods immediately after completing the customs clearance, but the concerned company has not come for customs clearance,” he said.

Silk Transport was awarded the contract to import the fertiliser. Earlier, it had delivered 539 metric tonnes of fertiliser to the capital after completing customs clearance. The government has awarded the company the contract to import 10,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser from China. The company was selected from global tender.

Chairman of the Silk Company Ramesh Shrestha informed that more imported fertilisers would land at the dry port before they are transported. But the shortage of fertiliser has hit the farmers hard. Gita Sarki, a farmer of Sunkoshi Rural Municipality-4, said that the maize turned yellow due to a lack of fertiliser.

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Sunday June 5, 2022, 09:14:35 AM |

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