Electricity generation from Marsyangdi Hydropower in full swing

KATHMANDU: Marsyangdi Hydropower station, located in Abu Khaireni Rural Municipality-4, Tanahun district, has started generating electricity at its full capacity.

According to the project, it has started generating 69 MW of electricity as the water level in the river has increased due to heavy rains and rising temperature which has led to the melting of snow.

Chief of the station Badri Fuyal said that following heavy rains, electricity is being generated at its full capacity.

As the snow melts less in dry season, electricity generation is deducted to 40 MW because of the decrease in the water level in the river, he said.

He informed that at present three units of the project have been generating 69 MW of electricity at full capacity at the rate of 23 MW each. As the snow of Mount Marsyangdi has melted a lot, the water flow has increased in the rivers and streams. The electricity generated from this station is connected to Kathmandu from Bharatpur, in Chitwan, through national transmission line.


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Thursday June 16, 2022, 09:29:04 AM |

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