NRB approves Nabil Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank merger proposal

KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has given final approval to the merger between Nabil Bank and Nepal-Bangladesh (NB) Bank. The final approval was withheld by the NRB following a dispute over staff adjustment.

However, the NRB board meeting held on Wednesday gave the final nod, a source said.

There is a dispute going on between the employees of both the banks regarding the status of the employees. Both sides have assured to settle it after NRB took interest in it.

Employees of Nabil Bank are unhappy saying that the merger will bring junior employees of Nepal Bangladesh Bank to a higher level. Employees of Nabil Bank have alleged that the management of Nabil Bank secretly tried to recruit a junior employee of Bangladesh Bank.

Meanwhile, employees of Bangladesh Bank have objected to the merger of employees working in the same sector for a long time. They have been warning that if the employees are not posted in the same capacity after the merger, it will not be acceptable.

As per the informal agreement of the Board of Directors of both the banks, it was initially agreed to accommodate the present position of Nabil Bank to three posts of the same employee of Bangladesh Bank. However, Nabil’s management had informally agreed that there would be no injustice in the posting of employees after Bangladesh Bank employees intensified their dissatisfaction in the past.

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