Government bans advertisement capable of disorienting public

KATHMANDU: The advertisement code of conduct issued by the government on Sunday bans the advertisement capable of disorienting public/onlookers and causing road accidents.

The code doesn’t entertain the placing of hoarding boards, pamphlet, poster and other advertising materials that are likely to distract or divert the attention of passersby and disorient them in urban areas and the areas surroundings the highways.

The code of conduct relating to the production, dissemination, publication and broadcasting of advertisement does not allow the bright advertising materials or those capable of affecting road transport at night.
Likewise, advertisement materials capable of damaging the beauty of public structures and the street have also been banned.

It does not even allow the dissemination of foreign advertisement materials by dubbing in Nepali language. The code states that aspects of gender equality and social justice should be promoted while carrying out any direct and indirect advertisement-related activities.

It has banned the sexualisation and objectification of women and presenting them as a means of entertainment.
The code has not allowed the production of advertisement capable of hurting the dignity of Dalits, indigenous, ethnic communities, Madhesi, Muslims, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, sexual minorities or a group or community of any geography or a region.

It aims to prevent the production of programmes, electronic games or films likely to create terror, threat or fear among children and insulting and hurting their dignity.

Likewise, the advertisement of any medicine claiming to cure multiple health issues, advertisement of those drugs not registered medically and advertisement containing scientifically unverified details are also not allowed. Similarly, the advertisements of medically unverified substances claiming to increase height or weight or reducing weight have also been banned.

The code of conduct states that advertisements should not be given without including warning messages about beverages and drinks produced with various colours and artificial tastes. It also prohibits advertisements prompting or alluring the use of any foodstuff calling it micronutrient and energizer without the recommendation of nutritionists and dieticians.


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