Mechanical test report of Pokhara Regional Airport expected on Friday

KATHMANDU: The mechanical test flight report conducted at Pokhara Regional International Airport will be made public on Friday. Aero Thai’s team conducted a mechanical test flight (calibration flights) from November 21 to 27.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Spokesperson Jagannath Niraula said that he has received information that the test report will come on Friday. He said that the airport will be opened for commercial flights after establishing the route as soon as the report comes.

The calibration flights are meant to check whether the navigation (communication equipment and surveillance connection) installed at the airport are functioning properly. Aero Thai’s team tested whether the air traffic controller, tower, runway, lights and communication equipment connected to the airport were working.

Spokesperson Niraula said that a letter has been sent to the Nepal Airlines Corporation for a test flight at the airport. In addition, Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways has also shown interest to conduct test flights, he said.

Even though preparations are being made for the operation of the airport, there are still various works to be done such as moving the landfill site and managing paragliding.

The Pokhara Regional Airport Office has already completed the emergency rescue exercise and manpower management. Similarly, the work of cutting the Rithepani hill is continuing, while the work of immigration, customs, medical, security management, and construction of fuel depots are still under way.

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