Three Nepali nationals killed in bus accident in Lucknow, India

KATHMANDU: At least three Nepali nationals were killed when a bus coming from Gujarat to Tikapur met with an accident near Lucknow, India.

According to a local Bhupendra Saud, Chandra Bahadur Saud of Byawasya Chhetra in Tikapur municipality-1 died in the accident. According to him, other members of the deceased Saud’s family were also traveling in the same bus.

The identity of other persons killed in the accident is yet to be identified. All of them are residents of Tikapur and surrounding areas. Many other people who were traveling in the bus were injured in the accident. They are being treated at a local health institution.

The bus met with the accident as it reached 30 km away from Lucknow towards Nepal. It is said that the bus carrying the Nepali was hit by another bus coming from the opposite direction. The number of people traveling on the ill-fated could not be revealed.

Bus services are being operated from Gujarat, Surat and other areas of India so that only Nepali people can travel back and forth.



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