Fly the aircrafts on time to not discredit Nepali time: tourism minister

KATHMANDU: Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has instructed the Chairman of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Yubraj Adhikari to fly the plane on time.

While inspecting the office of the Nepal Airlines Corporation today, Minister Kirati instructed Chairman Adhikari to ensure that all flights take off on time not to defame Nepali time as even a second is important. He also directed Adhikari to submit the daily report of the NAC’s aircraft.

“What time did the aircraft take off? Where did it land? I want a daily report on the reason why it was stopped. I will not go home without seeing the report11,” he said.

“When fighting a war in the world, even a second is of great importance. Do fly the aircraft at the specified time. Do not discredit Nepali time,” he said.

Minister Kirati also directed NAC to submit a financial plan for the reform of the NAC soon and arrange for online ticketing within a month. “The plane must fly on time from now onward. I don’t care about what happened yesterday,” he said, “I will not support wrongdoings. I always support impartiality.”



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Monday January 23, 2023, 02:36:49 PM |

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