Ncell partners with Truphone as the ‘invisible revolution’ of digital connectivity

Truphone accelerates eSIM for Nepal's leading telecom operator to bring new digital experiences to over 17 million subscribers

KATHMANDU: Ncell Axiata Limited, Nepal’s leading telecom operator has partnered with Truphone for the implementation of e-SIM in Nepal under the digital transformation journey of the company. The partnership brings new digital experiences to Ncell’s over 17 million subscribers through Truphone’s leading Remote SIM Provisioning platform (RSP), eSIM Launch Pad such as streamlined point of sale functionality, faster, easier profile downloads and unrivalled self-service capability.

An eSIM is an industry-standard digital SIM with a small built-in chip inside the device which provides network connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card. It is more secure than a physical SIM as it cannot be removed if the handset is lost or stolen.

As a subsidiary of the Axiata Group Berhad, Ncell is proud to launch eSIM in line with its commitment to introduce new technology and services to serve its customers. Truphone will further strengthen that commitment to innovation by giving them more choice and control over their eSIM with its GSMA-certified eSIM management platform.

Truphone CEO, Harry Odenhoven said: “As a pioneer in eSIM technology we’re delighted at the opportunity to accelerate Ncell’s eSIM and make Nepal’s leading mobile network even more innovative, not to mention sustainable by saving tonnes of plastic waste. Truphone’s vision is, and has always been, to create a more seamlessly connected world and this marks a significant first step in that direction. Ncell is an innovative partner, and we look forward to creating a futureproof solution for its customers.”

Andy Chong, CEO Ncell Axiata Limited said: “We’re delighted that Ncell customers can now upgrade their physical SIM to embedded SIM (eSIM) and take the benefits from eSIM on their compatible devices. We believe that eSIM will play a crucial role in the context of the entire ecosystem development of ICT in Nepal, as connected devices are set to grow in both customer and enterprise segments and partnership with Truphone was an easy choice for us as they offered the power to accelerate our eSIM with tools for rapid deployment, fast development and powerful self-service. They share our passion for innovation and our partnership with them is in line with our commitment to introducing new technology and services to serve our customers.”

The partnership also gives Ncell complete control and oversight of its eSIM offering and enables it to provision and update thousands of eSIM profiles in an instant – saving time and money.

Truphone’s eSIM Launch Pad platform is an enabler for networks to deliver eSIM at scale and reduce reliance on plastic SIM cards to activate smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. With georedundancy provided as standard, Ncell can also ensure zero downtime for its services and keep customers connected.

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