Senior Vice President Dhakal taking initiative of unanimous leadership in FNCCI

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) senior vice president, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, has launched a campaign to elect a unanimity in the 57th Annual General Meeting, which will take place on the 28th and 29th of Chaitra.

The position of senior vice president of the federation is being sought after by three people. As of the following general meeting, Dhakal takes over as chairman automatically.

By gathering the three Senior Vice President candidates Umesh Lal Shrestha, Ramchandra Sanghai, and Anjan Shrestha on Wednesday in Kathmandu, Dhakal took the initiative for unanimity in leadership.

He said, “I think the federation should become a common platform for all industrialists. For this reason, I have argued that we should, to the greatest extent possible, make the practice of electing the Federation’s leadership by unanimous vote.

The elections for the seven provinces that make up the federation have already been held, and most of the leadership positions in each province have been unanimously chosen.

It has also contributed to the Federation’s positive cultural development. I’ve taken the initiative to see to it that the center of the federation’s leadership also agrees on this point in a unanimous manner.

He claimed that the nation’s economy and businesspeople are currently having problems, and that in such a circumstance, cooperation and agreement among the private sector will be even more crucial.

The private sector can only be strong if we work together. Our significance rises. It’s possible to satisfy our demands. We cannot remain united in the current circumstances, he said.

“We shouldn’t be divided when the private sector is engulfed in a general crisis,” he said. Let’s work together in harmony to find a solution. I am arguing that the three-year term in the current constitution can be shortened to two years so that all three candidates can run during the current two terms. I count on your assistance and cooperation in this. “.

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