Tatopani, Kyirong checkpoints closed since one month

KATHMANDU: Tatopani and Kyirong checkposts, the two major routes for trade with China, have remained closed since one month due to landslides in both Nepal and China. As a result of the landslides across different areas in Tatopani, the Tatopani-Kathmandu road has also been blocked. Though road maintenance works are underway on both sides, both Chinese and Nepali authorities are yet to decide on when to resume the check points and reopen trade between the two countries. Suman Dahal, director general at the Department of Customs, said that both these checkpoints were closed following frequent landslides. “We are at present clearing the debris that has obstructed the road and both the checkpoints will be reopened once the road is clear,” said Dahal. Though trade has been obstructed through these checkpoints, customs offices are open on both sides.


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Wednesday August 19, 2020, 01:15:02 PM |

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