NIC Asia partners with Khalti Digital Wallet for the bank’s ‘Super Chamatkarik Loan’ application

NIC Asia Bank Logo

NIC Asia Bank Logo

KATHMANDU: People who are willing to take a bank loan can now apply for NIC Asia Bank’s ‘Super Chamatkarik Loan’ directly from Khalti Digital Wallet.

NIC Asia Bank has come up with three different types of loans, Home, Car and Business Loan scheme at 8.25 % annual interest rate and loan approval decision within 48 hours. These loans also have the features of swap loans of other banks, no change of interest rate in the first year, and loan processing fee of 0.25%.

With this feature, Khalti users will be able to apply for the loan by just tapping on the Loan icon in Khalti App. Khalti will only collect the applications of the customers of the bank who want to take a loan through the app. The collected applications will be forwarded to NIC Asia Bank for further processing.

NIC Asia Bank has stated that cooperation with Khalti has ended the situation where customers who need loans don’t have to visit the bank’s branch offices. After the customer applies for the loan through the Khalti App, the bank itself will contact the customer for further processing.


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Wednesday August 19, 2020, 02:45:17 PM |

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