Reconstruction of iconic Dharahara to be completed in 2021

KATHMANDU: The construction of the historic Dharahara, which was destroyed by the devastating earthquakes in 2015, is likely to be completed next year.

The contracting companies, Raman Construction Pvt Ltd and its Chinese joint venture partner GIETC, which were entrusted to complete the reconstruction, have sought an extension to the deadline of October 6 this year.The companies want an additional year to complete the work.

The contractors have submitted a letter to the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) seeking the extension after the tower could not be completed on time due to the coronavirus pandemic, previous local disputes, lengthy process to remove the post office building and other reasons.

The NRA has been able to achieve only 42 percent physical progress in reconstruction which was initiated two years ago, which means more than 50 percent of the work is yet to be done.

According to Rajuman Manandhar, former joint secretary of the authority, the construction companies had sought the deadline extension one month of the deadline.

“The contractors have sought an extension of one year citing various reasons for the delay in the work,” said Manandhar adding, “The deadline must be extended. However, it has not yet been decided how much time will be added. It’s up to the authority’s secretary to decide on the extension period.”

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Saturday September 5, 2020, 10:36:59 AM |

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