New fun sticker pack on Viber with MaHa Jodi

KATHMANDU: The legendary comedy duo, Madan Krishna Shreshtha and Haribansha Acharya popularly known as the ‘MaHa Jodi’ has launched a fun sticker pack on Viber.

The stickers are inspired by their most loved characters from their popular teleserials such as Madanbahadur Haribahadur, Dhalmati and Banpale.

The sticker pack gives access to over a range of custom stickers including some of their most iconic dialogues. Fans can now express themselves in true MaHa Jodi style.

Madan and Haribansha, household names in the Nepali entertainment industry met when they shared the stage for the first time in 2030 BS. The duo since then went on to become the most admired comedians in the country.

The Maha Jodi’s comic style is focused on creating awareness through laughter and they have been involved in creating various social activities and political freedom movements. The duo has been a part of many teleserials and patriotic movies which are among the greatest hits in the Nepalese TV and Movie industry.

Addressing the launch of their latest community and sticker pack on Viber the stars said, “We love entertaining and making people laugh. And so this is an innovative way for us to bring some laughter into our fans’ daily conversations. They can express themselves through some of our stickers. It’s really exciting for us! We are super grateful to Viber for making it possible for us to engage and entertain our fans like never before.

The popular comic duo’s Community on Viber is a destination for their fans to get a glimpse of the actors’ off-screen life. It also allows fans a chance to directly interact with them, post messages, comment, and be the first to receive Maha Jodi updates from the artist themselves.

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