Ncell’s additional nonstop TikTok and Facebook packs

KATHMANDU: Ncell customers have now more options to enjoy nonstop access to popular social networking applications TikTok and Facebook.

Ncell Axiata Limited (previously Ncell Private Limited) has launched 1 day and 30 day TikTok and Facebook packs, adding options under nonstop offers to its customers.

The new packs targeted to 4G customers have come into effect from Wednesday (September 23) under Ncell’s new umbrella theme ‘Plus’. ‘Plus’ theme aims at liberating customers with unique and special offers and at the same time ensures access to new innovative solutions giving customers an ease to be connected all the time whether at home or on-the-go.

Customers can easily choose 1 day or 30 day pack as per their requirement for worry free access to these popular allocations at a more affordable rate. It costs just Rs 25 (Rs 31.92 including taxes) for 1 day nonstop TikTok or Facebook pack.

Similarly, customers can buy 30 days’ TikTok or Facebook pack at just Rs 360 (Rs 459.68 including taxes) to enjoy access to these social platforms as much as they can. Besides customers activating the 30 days’ pack also get extra bonus of 6GB data for browsing other contents on the web.

4G subscribers can easily subscribe to the new packs by dialing *17123*1# and choosing options available under nonstop offers. Customers can also subscribe these packs from Ncell App or via digital wallet providers including Khalti, eSewa, Unipay, Prabhu Pay, among others.

Ncell believes that new app-based packs included in its nonstop offers add a great value to 4G customers as they can benefit from nonstop access to applications of customers’ choice at a much affordable rate. The company has been providing 7 day nonstop TikTok or Facebook or YouTube Pack at just Rs 100 (Rs 127.69 including taxes), combo of nonstop YouTube and Facebook Pack at just Rs 150 (Rs 191.54 including taxes) for a week and additional all app data bonus of 4GB in 7 day pack and 6GB in 30 day pack.

There is also a special privilege to customers buying 7 day or 30 day nonstop pack. They can buy 3500MB add on 4G data at just Rs. 20 (Rs. 25.54 including taxes) which can be used 500 MB per day for 7 days for using TikTok or Facebook or YouTube.

In line with the umbrella ‘Plus’ campaign, Ncell has already launched series of offers to customers including Nonstop Youtube+, Wirefree+ Wi-Fi, Endless Kurakani+, NayaSajilo SIM, Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ and will continue to bring more exciting offers for customers.

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