Govt signs agro agreement with Israel

KATHMANDU: The government has signed an agreement with Israel to establish the Agriculture Centre of Excellence in the country. The agreement was signed with an aim to promote technology-based agriculture practice in Nepal, informed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD). The agreement was signed on Wednesday.

The Cabinet meeting held on Sunday had decided to sign this agreement with Israel. The pact was signed by Nepali Ambassador for Israel, Anjan Shakya, and Gabi Ashkenazi, foreign minister of Israel. As per the agreement, Israel will provide scientific and technical training for the agricultural development of the country.

Similarly, the project will also help to build infrastructure for the agriculture sector of the country.

The Israeli government has signed such agreement with more than 100 countries so far and has been providing skillful and knowledgeable training related to the agriculture sector. MoALD has expressed its belief that this agreement will support agriculture stakeholders of the country with technical knowledge.

Likewise, MoALD also said that this agreement will help in implementation of different agro projects in the country that will generate jobs as well as attract more people towards commercial agriculture in the country. The government has taken this initiative also to encourage migrant works who have returned from abroad to stay back and use their knowledge. The agreement is expected to compliment the government’s effort in generating jobs, added the ministry.

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