Himalaya Airlines donates medical supplies health institutions

KATHMANDU: Himalaya Airlines has donated medical supplies to Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre (Bansbari), National Trauma Centre (Mahankal) and Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital (Pharping) considering the emergency need during COVID-19 pandemic.

The handing over of medical supplies was organized at the office premises of Himalaya Airlines, last week, during which Ujjwala Dali, head of the Department for Brand and Service Improvement handed over 100 PPE sets and 100 RDT kits to Ranjit Baral, Senior Consultant Cardiologist of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre.

Similarly, 100 PPE sets and 100 RDT kits were also received by Dr. Gyanendra Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon of National Trauma Centre.

Scaling up its efforts to specifically reach out to the health sector communities around the valley, the Airlines also donated COVID-19 essential medical supplies of 100 PPE sets, 100 RDT Test Kits 200 surgical masks, 200 surgical gloves, 50 N95 Masks, 50 face shields, 500 shoe covers, & 5 bottles of sanitizer (500ML each) to Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital of Pharping.

Purna Bahadur Shahi, an acting chairperson, accepted the donated supplies on behalf of the hospital.

Himalaya Airlines, an international air carrier is a Nepal – China joint venture.

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