Prabhu Bank partners with Khalti for digital payments


KATHMANDU: Prabhu Bank has signed an agreement with the Khalti Digital wallet with the motive of providing digital payment service to its customers. Prabhu Bank’s Chief Operation Officer Rashmi Panta and Khalti’s Director Amit Agrawal signed the memorandum of understanding in Kathmandu, today.

With this partnership, Prabhu Bank customers across the nation can now load funds in their Khalti wallet using the bank’s mobile banking and internet banking service and make all kinds of digital payments available at Khalti’s platform.

This partnership is expected to further help in the adoption of digital payments in Nepal ultimately moving the country towards a cashless economy.

According to the agreement, the bank will provide Khalti Digital Wallet with a Virtual Machine Operating System through which the customers can load Khalti using the online and offline mediums. Prabhu bank users can load funds in Khalti through different mediums such as Bank Binding/Linking, E-banking, Mobile Banking, Bank Smart, Banking Checkout, will provide ‘Load Khalti’ service.

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Sunday October 4, 2020, 04:20:49 PM |

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