NTA to take action against ISPs who do not provide toll free numbers

KATHMANDU: : Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has warned it will initiate action against those internet service providers (ISPs) who have not yet started providing toll free number service for consumers.

It has mentioned that ISPs need to start providing toll free numbers where customers can call for necessary assistance.

Till date, only nine ISPs, including government-owned Nepal Telecom, WorldLink, Subisu, Arrow Net, Metrolink Business, Sky Broadband and Broadband Nepal, among others have started the toll free service, according to NTA Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal.

The benefit of a toll free number is that customers do not have to spend any money while making calls to their respective ISPs to make inquiries regarding any service. NTA has said that toll free numbers are necessary to improve and maintain good customer service.

Aryal said that the government will take action against those ISPs who do not follow the NTA direction under the Telecommunications Act, 2053 BS.

The telecom regulator has also directed the ISPs to provide details of the service charges to consumers for free as per the terms of their license for the service. According to the latest monthly MIS report released by NTA, about 40 ISPs across the country are actively providing internet services.

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