Jyoti’s candidacy to serve, address private sector issues

KATHMANDU: With the election of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce approaching near, potential candidates for different executive committee post in the organization have already filed their candidacy and are into the election campaign.

As FNCCI is the largest organization representing private sector, its election which is slated for November 26-28 draws interest from different quarters, especially the business community including big corporate houses.

One among those vying in the FNCCI election this year is industrialist Saurabh Jyoti, director of Jyoti Group. Jyoti has already filed his candidacy for the vice-president post in the organization from the panel of industrialist Kishore Maharjan who is a candidate for the senior vice-president post at FNCCI.

So, why is Jyoti in the race for leadership at FNCCI?

“After serving for 12 years as executive member in FNCCI, now its time to take the leadership. With my able team, I wish to serve and work to address issues faced by the private sector, work towards job creation, entrepreneurship development, inclusive growth and create shared prosperity,” says Jyoti, adding, “We always talk about the change we wish to see. Now we have to be the change that we seek.”

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Friday November 13, 2020, 10:59:50 AM |

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