Surya Nepal, Vijaya Bahadur Shah highest taxpayers in 2019-20

KATHMANDU: The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has released the name of highest taxpayers in various in the 2019-20 fiscal year.

IRD has classified the highest taxpayers as per individual, industry, agriculture, financial sector, insurance, tourism and trade categories, among others.

As per IRD’s classification, businessman Vijaya Bahadur Shah has been recognized as the highest highest taxpayer (individual) in 209-20. Shah is a renowned businessman primarily in the domestic liquor industry. He has investment in Jawalakhel Distillery, Himalayan Distillery, Raj Brewery, Asian Distillery and Vijay Distillery, among others.

Similarly, multinational company Surya Nepal has been recognized as the highest taxpayer (company) in the last fiscal year. Surya Nepal had paid more than Rs 9 billion in tax to the government (income tax & VAT) to the government in 2019-20.

Among the exporters, multinational company Dabur Nepal has been recognized as the highest income tax payer.

Taragaon Regency Hotel Limited has been recognized as the highest income taxpayer from tourism sector while Nabil Bank Ltd has been recognized as the largest income taxpayer from the banking sector.

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