Air accident rate declining: Aviation Safety Report 2020

KATHMANDU: Aviation Safety Report 2020 prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has revealed that air accident in the country has declined.

The report has claimed that, due to the use of modern safety systems on flight safety and capacity building of human resources, Nepal’s air accident rate has declined and the death rate has also come down.

This is also has been considered as the progress made in Nepal’s aviation security over the last 10 years. According to the Report made public today by Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai, one accident and three deaths have occurred in Nepal’s airspace in 2019 towards fixed-wing aircraft while in 2010, 36 people were killed in two accidents.

Similarly, seven people have died in two helicopter accidents in 2019.

The report has further mentioned that the major challenge for air accidents in Nepal is the use of small 19-seater aircraft in hilly regions, due to difficult geography, weather conditions, short runways among others.

Raju Shrestha, director of the Air Safety Department of CAAN, said that the rate of air accidents has declined as the CAAN has formed a separate security team in collaboration with the airlines to operate aircraft and helicopters at remote airports.

EU flight restriction will be lifted soon: Tourism Minister Bhattarai

KATHMANDU: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai has expressed confidence that the European Union’s (EU) restriction on flights over Nepal’s airspace will be lifted soon.

Stating that Nepal’s air security level is far ahead of other countries, Minister Bhattarai clarified that there is still no reason for the EU to impose a no-fly zone on Nepal.

Launching the ‘Aviation Safety Report-2020’ published by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) today, Minister Bhattarai claimed that Nepal’s aircraft would soon be able to fly to any country in the world as Nepal is in the process of reforming the policy and institutional structure of the aviation sector.

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