EU hints at lifting ban on Nepali aviation sector

KATHMANDU: The European Union has hinted at lifting Nepal from its aviation safety list in the near future.

However, the Commission has said that Nepal should comply with all new aviation rules and legislations. EU had issued an statement stating that the Commission applauds the government of Nepal for its firm commitment to improving safety mechanisms as progress has been made in recent years to address the challenges of aviation safety.

“The Commission is aware of the efforts that have been undertaken by the country, notably as regards the proposed new aviation legislation currently before Nepal Parliament. It would be key for this legislation to be adopted by the Parliament and subsequently implemented. This would allow the Commission to advance with the process of eventually removing Nepal from the EU air safety list,” stated the Commission.

The process of removing Nepal from EU’s aviation safety list includes a technical meeting (in Brussels) with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to review the progress made, a subsequent on-site visit to Nepal by DG MOVE, EASA, and air safety experts from member states.

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Monday December 7, 2020, 01:07:57 PM |

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