Nepse creates history with all time high of 2,175.39 points

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) today created a new history as it went up by 4.22 per cent (88.12 points) to land at all-time high of 2.175.39 points, the first day of the trading week.

The total turnover today stood at Rs 6.34 billion, which was achieved through trade of 14, 026,886 units of shares of 212 listed firms through 54,698 transactions.

The share investors are said that stock market is going to make new demarcation point which will be around 2500 points.

“This is due to the Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Paudel, who is totally favoring the growth of the stock market very positively,” said an investor, adding, the political scenario has changed differently but the stock market movement has grown on its unique way as the banks and financial institutions are having much of liquidity in their hand.

The sensitive index also went up by 4.31 per cent (17.18 points) to 415.88 points and float index also increased by 4.1 per cent (5.82 points) to 147.74 points today.

All the subgroups were landed in the green zone. The trading subgroups gained by massive 9.64 percent or 221.57 points to 2,520.67 points and others sub-index has increased by 6.19 percent or 103.44 points to 1775.36 points.

Likewise, banking, manufacturing and life insurance sub-indices are hiked by above four percent and remain other subgroups were also gained numerously.

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