NEA cuts power at Ncell Data Centre against its own commitment at court

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has cut off power supply to Ncell’s data center in Pokhara being provided through a dedicated feeder line, which is likely to affect the delivery telecommunication services being provided by Ncell in the region.

Despite power cut from NEA, Ncell is currently operating its Pokhara-based data centre through backup power. However, efficient operation of the centre and services is likely to be affected, if regular power supply is not resumed immediately, as the backup power can keep service running only for certain time.

Stating that there has been a miscalculation in its own billing since installation of meter in the data centre on September 8, 2012, NEA’s Lekhnath Distribution Centre had asked Ncell to clear Rs 138 million as a remaining electricity bill. On the pretext of Ncell not paying the bill, NEA has cut off electricity supply in the morning of January 03.

As the meter that NEA installs is sealed, customers cannot tamper it and doing so is prohibited legally as well. Ncell had been paying service fee on the basis of meter reading bill issued by NEA.

Though Ncell had initially taken 630kV feeder line from NEA, the company later extended the capacity to 1500kVA following NEA’s approval. At that time, NEA’s Pokhara-based office had reprogrammed the meter in its premises and connected it to the Ncell data center and clarified that there was no problem in the meter. NEA had replaced the old meter in July last year.

Ncell had filed a case at the District Court, Kaski, on December 8, seeking an interim order to reverse NEA’s decision requiring Ncell to clear the electricity bill. The defendant (NEA), during the debate called by the court, had assured the court that NEA had no intention of cutting line to Ncell data centre or interrupting their services.

The court had then concluded not to issue any interim order on the case as the defendant had no intention to cut electricity to Ncell centre or impose any additional penalty.

However, NEA again asked Ncell to clear electricity bill on December 31. Ncell had then responded NEA stating that it was still a sub-judice case at the court. Moreover, Ncell had requested the NEA not to cut the power line as it would be contempt of court, in case, if any action contrary to the grounds and reasons mentioned in the court order is taken.

But NEA had cut power at the Ncell centre in Pokhara on Sunday citing failure of the company to clear electricity bill due on time. Subsequently, Ncell had registered a case against NEA’s decision to cut power supply at the District Court, Kaski, on Sunday. The court had sought necessary documents with NEA on this case.

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