NIBL to introduce mobile banking, wallet app ‘Thaili’

KATHMANDU: Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) is preparing to bring ‘Thaili’, a mobile banking and mobile wallet application.

Through its mobile application and web portal, Thaili enables customers to make online payments and tap into other innovative features like linking one’s bank account to Thaili, P2P Fund Transfers, and Cash-In, Cash-out through its Agent Network.

Similarly, Thaili also comes with other services including top-up, recharge card facility, merchant payments, among others, as per the bank.

Features of the Khaili application

Customers can get access to the following features provided by the Thaili Application by following a simple “quick registration” procedure:
1. Link Bank
i. Customers can link their bank accounts with Thaili by following a simple bank link request feature within the Thaili Application.
ii.The Customer will then need to go to his/her bank in order to get an approval for the bank linkage with the Thaili application.
iii.Once the linkage is complete, the customer can use either his/her bank account or wallet to transact.

2. Load Wallet
i. Funds in the Thaili wallet can be loaded either through the customer’s e-banking portal, the customer’s mobile banking portal, or through the Cash-in feature provided by Thaili’s agent network.

3. Transfer Funds
i. Thaili makes it easy to transfer money from one customer to another with the help of the recipient’s mobile number alone.

4. Bank Transfer
i. This feature can be used to transfer funds from a customer’s wallet account to customer’s bank account.

5. Cash Out Through Agents
i. This feature allows customers to withdraw physical cash from a Thaili Agent.
ii. When requesting this feature, the customer will be provided with a transaction code and amount details. These details will then need to be provided to the Thaili agent to withdraw physical cash.
Customer Support
iii.In case there are issues with the application, Thaili customer can go to the Thaili Support Portal and list out problem areas. The Thaili administration services with then investigate the issue and try and resolve it as soon as possible.

Full Know Your Customer (KYC) Form

Following Nepal Rastra Bank’s policies for digital payments, the Thaili Application will prompt its customers to fill in their Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC) Forms in order to access all the features available to them in Thaili.
The customers that have filled in the E-KYC forms will be notified as to whether their details were approved or disapproved.

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