China to open Visa for foreigners, including Nepalis if they take Chinese vaccine

KATHMANDU: China has eased border restrictions to foreigners, including Nepali nationals, provided that they are vaccinated with Chinese COVID vaccine.

The country which was closed since March last year to contain the spread of coronavirus, have issued notices saying the country will open visa applications to selected people who have taken a China-made COVID vaccines.

“In order to resume personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries in an orderly manner, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal will provide facilitation to visa applicants who have been fully vaccinated China-made COVID-19 vaccines,” reads a press statement issued by Chinese Embassy in Nepal today.

However, applicants (including family members) traveling to China for necessary work and production resumption activities (work, business, visit, etc. ), could prepare documents and submit applications in accordance with the requirements before the COVID-19 pandemic, as per the Embassy.

But the scope of visa applicants for emergency humanitarian needs would be expanded. “Foreign family members of Chinese nationals or foreign nationals with Chinese permanent resident permit, including spouse, parents, children, and other dependent close relatives(siblings, grandparents and grandchildren), traveling to China for family reunion, family supporting, family visit, funeral of relatives or visiting relatives in critical medical condition,” reads the statement.

However, a holder of a valid APEC Business Travel Card could apply for M visa with an invitation from the inviting entity.

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Tuesday March 16, 2021, 05:01:09 PM |

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