Nepali hotels still losing Rs 1.8 billion to Covid-19 every month

KATHMANDU: Though tourism activities are gradually increasing in recent months after the government lifted the lockdown, hoteliers claim that hotels across the country are still losing Rs 1.8 billion every month due to lack of business.

Addressing the 47th annual general meeting of the Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), the organisation’s president Shreejana Rana said that hotels are still without business and have been losing billions worth rupee every month.

“Though other sectors are reviving gradually, hotels are yet to as the flow of tourists is very low. Similarly, different incentives announced by the government has not been implemented properly,” informed Rana.

Hoteliers have invested Rs 1.5 trillion in the country’s hotel industry. As per HAN, hotels across the country are yet to pay debts worth Rs 300 billion to various banks in total.

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Monday April 5, 2021, 11:54:57 AM |

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