Subisu introduces New Year offer ‘Internet Masta, Jeewan Swastha’

KATHMANDU: Subisu Cablenet (P.) Ltd., a internet, network and television service provider in the ICT sector of Nepal has come up with the new offer ‘Internet MastaJeewanSwastha’ on the occasion of New Year where customers can get free health insurance up to 1 lakh.

Considering the importance of a healthy life company is providing free health insurance up to 1 lakh in new and renewal of internet as well as Internet and clear TV combo package. Offer is applicable in 20 Mbps and above bandwidth.

The company has collaborated with Shikhar Insurance for health insurance where customers can get up to 1 lakh of health insurance. It has been believed that it will reduce the financial pressure that one has to go through during health related emergencies. The offer is valid till certain time period and terms and conditions will be applicable.

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Monday April 19, 2021, 12:27:20 PM |

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