Govt asks hydro projects to renew their survey license by mid-July

KATHMANDU: All hydropower projects have been asked to renew their survey license by mid-July.

The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation have directed all hydel projects to renew their survey license by the end of this fiscal year as the government has eased the prohibitory order.

Projects will have to submit renewal application at the Department of Electricity Management and the department will will renew the survey license for a period of less than five years.

Madhu Prasad Bhetwal, spokesperson at the Ministry said that the projects should renew their survey licenses within the stipulated time. “Though projects were unable to start renewal process due to months long prohibitory order in Kathmandu and across the country, it is not the case now. This is the last chance for renewal of survey license and we are optimistic that all projects will get their license renewed,” saod Bhetwal.

“Banks have also been shut down due to repeated lockdowns. As a result, the promoter companies were unable to pay the fees. But now that the ban has been lifted, the banks are also open,” he said, “This is the last chance for renewal. Therefore, the concerned projects will have to move ahead with the process of renewing the survey license within this period.” He further said that the additional fees may be charged if the renewal process is not done during this period.

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Wednesday June 30, 2021, 12:23:26 PM |

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