‘NIC Asia Bank for reliable and customer-friendly services’

KATHMANDU: Today, we have become the largest and most comfortable, strong, dynamic, reliable and accountable bank in the country as a result of our unparalleled journey that started 24 years ago today. By the third quarter of FY 2077-78, we have succeeded in becoming the best and successful bank in th e country in terms of major financial and non-financial indicators including asset size, credit flow, deposits, return on equity, number of branch network and ATMs.

We are thankful to all our clients, regulators, shareholders, employees and all stakeholders who have always supported us during this time and made an invaluable contribution to our cause by making unparalleled contributions from their respective positions.

All the credit for where we are today, what we are and how we are shaped in Nepal’s financial sector naturally goes to the people. At the same time, we are determined to become the bank of choice for all in the future.

In 24 years, we have 356 branches, 70 extended counters, 81 branchless banking services and more than 2.7 million deposit accounts and more than 91,000 loan accounts, 471 ATMs. We have been able to provide quality service to our valued customers.

Over the years, we have been able to maximize the Optimum Wealth of our shareholders and provide the highest return on investment. The per unit share price has now reached Rs 13,662, which is an increase of about 136 times of the initial investment amount.

Similarly, we have been able to pay more than Rs 15.73 billion in direct and indirect revenue to the government of Nepal since its inception by practicing responsible banking to support the consolidation of the country’s economy and high economic growth.

By adopting a separate strategy in the banking sector, this bank has been providing reliable and customer-friendly services and facilities to the customer through easy and dynamic means. As a result of the efficient strategy we have adopted and the managerial work skills we have demonstrated, even in the difficult situation created by COVID-19, NIC Asia Bank in 2077-78, have succeeded in increasing the credit side by 52 percent and the deposit side by 42 percent.

On the occasion of entering the glorious 24th year, we have also introduced a cashback plan of up to 24 percent on electronic payments among our valued customers. Under this, when making payment in POS and e-commerce using debit / credit card of this bank and by paying QR scan through NIC Asia Mobank, 24 percent or maximum up to Rs 500 cashback plans can be obtained.

Adopting the strategy of Digital First, giving first priority to digital medium and providing its banking services and facilities, further expanding it, we have adopted the strategy of adopting the concept of Self Help and Life Style Banking so that banking services can be availed from any place, anytime.

Pandey is DCEO at NIC Asia Bank


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