Govt yet to collect Rs 1.08 billion royalty due from casino operators

KATHMANDU: The government is yet to collect Rs 1.08 billion royalty from 15 casinos operating across the country. As royalty collection from casinos has not been effective from the government, the total amount to be collected from casinos has exceeded Rs 1 billion.

The Department of Tourism (DoI) is responsible for collection of royalty fees from casinos. The annual report of the Office of Auditor General (OAG) showed that the government is yet to collect the aforementioned due from casinos in the country.

The Casino Guideline 2070 stipulates that casino operators are required to pay royalties every year. However, the DoT does not have the updated records on the amount that the government has to collect from casinos as royalties.

In the previous fiscal year alone, royalty of Rs 227.2 million was added to existing due. The DoT has not been able to collect such royalty since long time due to the failure of the government to bring casino operators under the scope of action.

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Monday August 23, 2021, 04:15:58 PM |

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