Nearly 10 million Nepalis have access to 4G internet service as of mid-July 2021

KATHMANDU: As much as 10 million internet users in Nepal have access to high-speed 4G LTE internet service as of mid-July 2021, as per the latest Management Information System (MIS) report of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA).

The 4G internet service, which started in Nepal from the beginning of 2017, is being popular among data users, thanks to extensive promotion and expansion of 4G internet from service providers. Both Nepal Telecom (NT) and Ncell, two dominant players in the telecom space in Nepal, are seen aggressive in 4G expansion in the recent years

The 4G users of Ncell has crossed five million mark until mid-July. The NTA report shows that Ncell’s 4G subscriber base stands at 5,042,998 till mid-July. Similarly, state-owned NT is seen aggressive in expansion of 4G in recent months. As of mid-July, NT has 4,744,375 4G subscribers across the country.

Meanwhile, 4G subscribers of Smart Telecom stands at 166,746. In total, 4G users in Nepal has reached 9,954,119.


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