Power generation from Lower Modi Hydel Project suspended for three weeks

KATHMANDU: The Lower Modi-1 Hydropower Project in Parbat district that was damaged by flood on September 2 is yet to begin power generation.

The project officials said that immediate resumption of the power generation from the project is unlikely as the damage from the flood is quite huge in scale.

Project’s canal, dam, share wall, slab and other structures have witnessed damages after the flood.

However, powerhouse of the project is unaffected from the flood but it could take more time to supply water from the canal.

Likewise, a tower of the transmission line of 132 KV capacity linking the powerhouse to Modi substation is collapsed in the disaster, making the power resumption more tough. The project said that around Rs 15 million is likely to cost for the development of a tower.

United Modi Hydropower Company’s Managing Director Upendra Gautam said that the company has suffered daily loss of Rs 1 million after the suspension in power generation while adding that total damage was evaluated Rs 50 million plus.

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Friday September 24, 2021, 03:18:12 PM |

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