Citizens Bank International announces 16% dividend for FY 2077/78

KATHMANDU: Citizens Bank International Limited (CZBIL) has proposed the dividend for the fiscal year 2077-78.

The meeting of the board of directors has decided to distribute a 16% of the paid-up capital as a dividend for the fiscal year 2077-78. The paid-up capital of the company as of the end of the fiscal year 2077-78 is Rs 12.57 billion.

12.913% will be distributed as bonus shares worth Rs 1.62 billion and the remaining 3.087% will be distributed as a cash dividend worth Rs 388.2 million.

In the fiscal year 2076-77, the bank had distributed 7.7% bonus shares and a 3.3% cash dividend. As of writing, Citizens Bank International Limited’s closing price of the last trading day is Rs 408.50.

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Sunday September 26, 2021, 01:00:34 PM |

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