Doko Tours now in Australia to offer its luxurious and competitive service

KATHMANDU: With head office in South Australia and sub Branches in different cities of Australia, Delhi – India, and Kathmandu – Nepal; with company representatives based in many Asian countries.

In Japanese ‘Doko’ means ‘where or what place’. In Nepali it is a carrier basket used to haul various materials and sometimes even infirm or sickly people in remote areas.

Doko tours aims to sell Asia – especially India, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam & Bali along with Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji & Dubai – to any travelers who wish to explore it in depth. Conversely, they will be selling Australia & New Zealand to Asian travelers.

With belief that every traveler seeks stress-free travel and a trip to treasure, the main motto of Doko tours is to prioritize their customers and ensure that the experiences are worth the expenses. They have a highly experienced and qualified team who will assist customers with flight tickets & tours. They provide services for a wide array of customers including customers with physical and/or mental disabilities, elderly customers, corporate travelers and students. They also work with qualified carers and nurses to assist travelers in need of such assistance.

“We are a group of professionals united by our love for travelling. Travel is an obsession for us. It’s something we think of day in and day out, and that is how Doko Tours was envisioned” says Bijay Poudel Chhetri, the Director of Doko Tours. An avid traveler as well as an experienced travel agent, Bijay knows the hassle, planning, and resultant stress that every trip demands – “We started this journey with one objective: to share the stunning experiences we’ve had and to help every traveler make the most of their getaway. We understand each and every aspect needed to make your vacation or trip a memorable one. From getting you the best flights and hotels, ensuring that you are always on time for transfers, picking out all the must-visit spots, and making your flight and train schedules run like clockwork – We make sure everything is just right!.”

Having experienced employees in Travel and tour industry for more than 15 years, Doko tours aims to understand every individual traveler’s preferences. Using the resource of such preferences, the staff at Doko tours then get a detailed understanding of the traveler’s ideal vacation or trip to create a personalized itinerary. Turning your generic vacation or trip to a specialised one could be another way your next getaway becomes memorable rather than forgettable.

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