International Women’s Day: Nabil Bank launches ‘Nabil FD Card’

KATHMANDU: Nabil Bank has launched ‘Nabil FD Card’ (Nabil Fixed Deposit Card), a credit card product that provides credit card facilities to its fixed deposit customers. Nabil FD Card has been launched to provide financial planning services to homemakers, retired individuals, and university students, who usually possess financial discipline but do not have a regular stream of income.

Moreover, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Nabil Bank will be providing Nabil FD Card to customers for free throughout the month of March 2022. The card can be used for POS transactions or ATM withdrawals as per the convenience of the user. Likewise, the card can be used to purchase goods such as Bicycles, Jewelry, Mobile phones, and Laptops in Equal Monthly Installments.

In addition, Nabil Bank also provides an option to FD holders to issue multiple credit cards (Nabil FD Cards) for their immediate family members. The credit card limit per card is 80% of the FD amount or NPR 200,000.

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Tuesday March 8, 2022, 12:12:28 PM |

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