Deepak Malhotra elected president of Nepal-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

KATHMANDU: The Nepal-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NVCCI) has concluded its 11th annual general assembly on Thursday by electing a new 25-member working committee led by businessman Deepak Kumar Malhotra.

The new working committee will serve for the next three years term.

Meanwhile, the general assembly has elected Dhurba Kumar Shrestha as the organization’s senior vice president, Suresh Man Shrestha, Sunil Bhakta Shrestha as vice presidents, Gopal Das Manandhar as general secretary, and Kavi Kumar Tiwarewala as treasurer.

The new working committee has also passed different resolutions for three years including to boost Nepal-Vietnam tourism, bilateral trade, exchange of technologies, among others.

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Tuesday March 15, 2022, 02:33:34 PM |

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