NIC Asia Bank CEO Neupane bags ‘Manager of the Year 2022’ award

KATHMANDU: Roshan Kumar Neupane, Chief Executive Officer, NIC Asia Bank, has been honored as the ‘Manager of the Year 2022’.

Management Association of Nepal (MAN), the apex body of management professionals in Nepal, felicitated Neupane for his outstanding contribution and leadership skills in the banking management sector of Nepal.

Neupane dedicated the award to his colleagues at NIC Asia Bank and to the entire Nepali banking industry. During Neupane’s five-year tenure in NIC Asia Bank, the bank’s total loan portfolio increased to Rs 274 billion from 73 billion. Similarly, deposit collection of the bank increased to Rs 300 billion from Rs 86 billion.

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Sunday April 10, 2022, 11:30:54 AM |

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