River Falls Power opens IPO for public

KATHMANDU: River Falls Power Limited (RFPL) is issuing its IPO to the general public from today i.e 28th Baisakh, 2079. The early closing date of this IPO issue is on 4th Jestha. If it is not fully subscribed the issue will be extended up till 11th Jestha, 2079.

The company will issue 27,30,000 units of ordinary shares worth Rs. 27.30 crores at par value of Rs. 100. This 39% of the company’s issued capital. 2% of the issue worth 54,600 shares have been allocated for employees of the company and 5% worth 1,36,500 shares for mutual funds.

The remaining 25,38,900 shares are purely for the individual public. The company has already issued 700,000 units worth of Rs. 7 crores to the general public. Thus, the paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 35.70 crores.

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