All banking services of Nabil & Nepal Bangladesh to remain shut from Friday to Monday

KATHMANDU: Nabil Bank Limited and Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited have issued a notice informing that their banking services, transactions, and other services will be shutdown from Friday (after office hours) till Monday (before office hours) as a part of completing acquisition process between the two banks.

“On 24 Ashad, Friday, after office hours, and on 27 Ashad, Monday, before office hours all banking services and transactions of Nabil Bank will be closed for the purpose of data migration into a single software. Also, all counters (365 days banking) and other banking services which are operating on Public holidays – Saturday, Ashad 25 shall be closed,” informed the bank.

Meanwhile, Nabil Bank has informed that its credit cards and prepaid cards will be in operation at that time.

On the other hand, Nepal Bangladesh Bank all services and transactions will be closed from Thursday, Ashad 23 (after office hours) till Monday, Ashad, 27 (before office hours). However, the credit card of NBB shall be in operation.

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Thursday July 7, 2022, 12:53:54 PM |

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