Public land now can be leased out for 40 years through single contract

KATHMANDU: The government has introduced new provisions for giving land owned by the government on lease up to 40 years.

The government has issued an action plan relating to the registration and utilization of public land and providing it on lease, 2079 BS in the Nepal Gazette.

According to the new provisions, foreign diplomatic missions and UN-affiliated bodies in the country, inter-governmental organisations, universities, board committees or other autonomous organisations established under the province government or local levels and any organisation registered in the Federal government, province government or the local level shall be eligible for acquiring land on lease. Moreover, it can be given to an individual as well.

The period of lease shall be for five years (short-term), 15 years (mid-term) and 40 years (long-term).
Any organisation meeting criteria for demanding the land on lease or any interested individual shall apply for it and the application charge has been fixed at Rs 5,000.

The work procedures require statements justifying reasons for demanding the land on lease and an action plan as well.

Moreover, recommendations of respective local level executive, recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of foreign diplomatic missions and UN-affiliated intergovernmental organizations are necessary to proceed with getting the land on lease.

In addition to this, the recommendation of the District Disaster Management Committee stating that it does not need the land for disaster management is also demanded by the procedure.

There shall be a recommendation committee coordinated by Chief District Officer to make recommendations for the use or lease of government land. — RSS

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Sunday July 10, 2022, 03:24:52 PM |

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