Digging tunnel of powerhouse of Tanahun Hydropower completes

KATHMANDU: The work of digging a tunnel of the powerhouse of Tanahun Hydropower project has been completed.

According to the project, Sinohydro Corporation of China, which has been awarded the contract under package two, has completed digging the tunnel of the powerhouse of the hydropower plant.

Rajbhai Shilpakar, acting chief of the project, informed that the work of digging tunnel underground with 89 metres length, 22 metres width and 51 metres height has been completed.

Shilpakar said, “We are very happy with the completion of the complex underground power house tunnel digging work. The tunnel digging work of the power plant started in August 2020 and was completed on Friday.”

He said that the infrastructure construction work will start inside the power house.

Project Engineer Pradeep Neupane informed that the work of the underground tunnel, which was challenging due to the weak topography, has been successfully completed, and now the infrastructure work inside the underground tunnel is also ready to begin soon.

According to the project, work is being done on the tunnel to bring water.

Of the 1,450 metres of tunnels to be dug, 350 metres has been dug so far. The work of intake is yet to be done.

The diversion tunnel work is being done under package first. About 100 metres of access tunnel has been dug. Under package two of the project, the digging of the access tunnel to the search tank has also been completed.

Sinohydro completed the digging of a 437.1-metre-long tunnel. Similarly, the 280.85-metre-long main access tunnel and the 314-metre-long access tunnel leading to the dam site have also been completed.

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