Nepal to form a committee to study Everest base camp change

KATHMANDU: The government is set to form a committee to study to change Everest base camp.

It was announced that the camp will be studied in the tourism revival program announced by the Ministry of Tourism on Sunday.

According to the ministry, the Everest base camp study committee has been formed to study the history, current situation and future risks of the base camp and based on its recommendations, the scientific management of the base camp will be carried out.

Earlier, government has said that it is prepared to move Everest base camp because global warming and human activity are making it unsafe.

The camp, used by up to 1,500 people in the spring climbing season, is situated on the rapidly thinning Khumbu glacier.

A new site is to be found at a lower altitude, where there is no year-round ice, an official told the BBC.

Researchers say melt-water destabilises the glacier, and climbers say crevasses are increasingly appearing at base camp while they sleep.

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Sunday July 24, 2022, 02:56:32 PM |

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